Charlie and his wife Kathleen, started their business nearly 45 years ago from his mother's living room. Responsible for popularizing mechanized tree moving, they've continued innovating and now routinely handle trees up to 100' tall and over 100 years old. The business has grown to include landscape design and maintenance, a nursery, tree farm, plant health care, and a truly unique gift shop. From the beginning, the Marders set themselves apart with two principals. First, rather than continuing to create the cookie cutter landscapes that were once so prevalent, the Marders sought to create landscapes that reflected individual tastes and lifestyles, with an end result of looking like they’d been there forever, and were just as interesting in the winter as they were in the summer. Secondly, the Marders were pioneers in their commitment to employing all-organic practices and products, including organic compost, drought-tolerant fescue grasses and ground covers that do not need pesticides, and organic fertilizers. The Marders have proven that you can get rid of toxic chemicals and still have stunning, healthy landscapes.